Firstly, on behalf of Quentin and myself, we hope you are keeping healthy and safe. In this stressful time for every one of us, it is right we thank and applaud our NHS workers. They are indeed, truly risking their own health every day to make sure the rest of us are safe and recover from this hideous virus. But there is a group of indispensable workers who are being taken too much for granted. And sadly, many of these businesses will go under during and beyond this crisis, unless the Government helps them to survive. That is why weRead Whole Article

The RHA calls on the Government to address the following: Immediate cash-flow injections Enforced payment holidays with leasing companies, banks and fuel suppliers Measures to protect employees’ wages Deferment of VAT, income tax, business rates and corporation tax Road fund licence reductions Deferment of the implementation of clean air zones rules by at least six months Deferment of the Direct Vision Standard in London by at least six months Relaxing lorry tolls on the M6 and others Suspension of the London Lorry Control Scheme and Low Emission Zone charges Fuel duty reductions for essential users including hauliers The ability toRead Whole Article