The optimism resulting from Michael Gove’s swift response to the RHA chief executive’s urgent request for a round table meeting to discuss government’s preparedness for transition was at best misplaced.

Commenting, Richard Burnett said: “As we understood it the intention was for a small meeting with the key players to discuss just how government intends to implement the many processes and procedures needed to ensure that border crossings are as seamless and as pain-free as possible. That was not the case. The meeting comprised a wide range of stakeholders, all of whom have their own concerns and agendas.

“With only 75 working days of the transition period left we shall continue to work relentlessly on behalf of our members and the rest of the haulage logistics industry for whom the success of these negotiations have become a matter of make or break.

“Government officials are political experts; we are experts in road freight, logistics and keeping the supply chain moving.

“I was hopeful that today’s meeting would result in a mutually effective co-operation. Sadly, this hasn’t happened and there is still no clarity regarding the questions that we have raised.
“Although I don’t think we’re quite back at square one, we’re certainly not much further ahead.”

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The Road Haulage Association is the only UK organisation solely dedicated to those with responsibility for the movement of goods by road. Members range from owner-operators to those with fleets in excess of 1,000 vehicles. The Association has over 7,000 operators in membership who between them account for 250,000 UK-registered heavy goods vehicles.

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