Here are the shocking statistics that still prove the fuel supply is deliberately profiteering, and even worse during #COVID19 lockdown.

In this worrying time for all of us. wholesale petrol fell 21%, yet pump prices dropped on average just 9%. Diesel wholesale dropped 17% with filling up costs dropping by only 9%.

And its not the independent garages fault either, they are being bullied by wholesalers and the big oil companies who are charging them sky high prices to their bulk deliveries.

Average retail and wholesale Fuel Prices for the 3 months of Dec/Jan/Feb compared to the period of Corona-virus lock down to May 7th

Average PricesW/S PetrolRetail PetrolProfitOil £
March to May 788.0112.824.821.7
Average PricesW/S DieselRetail DieselProfitOil £
March to date96.1117.621.521.7

Here’s the detailed data to show the continuing rip-off pricing scandal at the pumps

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