On behalf of 1.7m supporters, we welcome a significant fall in pump prices in a time of crisis by the  supermarkets, but opportunistic profiteering remains rife in the rest of the fuel supply chain.

The Government must act now, to stop these faceless unchecked businesses’ palpable use of the Corona Virus Crisis mercilessly used to fleece drivers, and implement PumpWatch now.

Fantastic news for drivers, supermarkets, at last, slashing pump prices. Asda and Morrisons supermarkets have knocked 12p-a-litre off unleaded and 8p-a-litre off diesel, in what’s believed to be the largest ever single price cut of this size.

This welcome fall in the cost of filling up is down, in part, to intense pressure from FairFuelUK in the media, social media and contacting all Conservative MPs in the last 2 weeks to ask them to help their constituents with being unfailingly exploited at the pumps.

But the opportunistic profiteering continues. The greedy oil companies and their kindred wholesalers are still failing to pass on the massive fall in oil prices to reflect the real cost of filling up.

Average Pump Prices should be for petrol £1.00 per litre instead of currently £1.20. Diesel should be £1.10 per litre not £1.23.

Oil, Wholesale and Pump Prices Update – Since Christmas,

  1. Oil has fallen by 54% in Sterling
  2. Wholesale petrol has fallen 22% yet retail has only fallen 3%
  3. Wholesale diesel has fallen 18% yet retail has only fallen 5%
  4. Profit pence per litre for petrol has increased 384% and Diesel 271%
  5. Since Christmas, the Average family car using petrol is paying £11 more to fill up their tank than necessary.
  6. Since Christmas, the Average family car using diesel is paying £8.25 more to fill up their tank than necessary.

“In an extraordinary time where we all must adhere to Government advice to reduce risks to our health, the immoral fuel supply chain have been ripping off drivers to the tune of £23.8m per day. Since Christmas these opportunists have hidden behind a global crisis to fill their already fat wallets, by not passing on average, 20p per litre to what we currently pay at the pumps. The perennial cheating of the world’s highest taxed motorists, every time oil prices change, must be scrutinised by an independent PumpWatch body. It borders on criminal behaviour that Coronavirus is the smokescreen for these faceless businesses, to  fleece UK’s 37m motorists. The Government must act now, to stop this chronic consumer abuse once and for all.”

Howard Cox, Founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign

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