The congestion charge in London will rocket 30% next month and NOW be enforced seven days a week, as the far left wing mayor struggles to pay for his debt-ridden transport system. And still under lock-down, the £11.50 charge will be reintroduced on Monday (18 May), along with the ultra-low emission zone which costs £12.50 for most vehicles and £100 for heavy lorries or coaches.

“Sadiq Khan has truly shown his ego driven political colours, yet again. His latest chronic anti-driver policy will kill off  many of London’s struggling small and medium sized businesses, the haulage industry, van distributors and hardworking motorists. This latest move is not to look Green, no, it is simply to help his long-term mismanaged mayoral deficit. Midwives, shift workers, plumbers, electricians, delivery guys to name just a few, will be financially massacred by this insane hike in the Congestion Charge to £15. The London Mayor has an amoebic ability to recognise that affordable and balanced road transport costs, means a thriving London economy. FairFuelUK will lobby this idealistic administration to stop their financial carnage of millions of drivers, who have no choice but to use their vehicles every day for work, medical visits and community support.”

Howard Cox, Founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign

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  1. I’m already worried about if and when work will return and now this. Since Khan my business of 20 years has become less viable, it is taking so long to get in and out of Central London. Ok that’s the aim as some clients are forced onto trains but many who refuse to, are elderly or too worried about security will just not bother. They clearly don’t know just how much of London’s business comes from outside it. Most of all it’s the frustration, stress and inconvenience for every driver that knows it is manufactured, utterly stifling! So much for cycling being healthier. Now more than ever we need to take the handbrake off the economy. This is the opposite just to gratify a small minority who actually have a choice and stymie those who do not. There should be attempts to improve all modes of transport, in a city this big you absolutely have to. These strategies just pit one group against another instead of all making our journeys as a collective.

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