The RHA is calling for a new national decarbonisation of freight “Road Map” to be developed by the UK Government. We believe such a road map is essential to support the decisions of businesses, authorities and people to get the best decarbonisation outcomes, while ensuring the economy and jobs are supported.

The road map needs to create a level of certainty for freight sectors to make the required investments in low carbon/no carbon solutions. This is vital for a sector where decarbonisation, especially for large road vehicles, is particularly difficult.

We believe that market-driven solutions are best-placed to achieve freight decarbonisation and to stimulate the innovation needed in a sustainable way. This can only be done if vehicle life cycles are respected and businesses investment is supported by clear rules.

A number of areas need to be addressed as the move towards net zero is developed. This includes:

– vehicle technologies and standards
– alternative fuels
– operational measures within the supply chain
– infrastructure standards and management
– driver behaviour

The RHA would like to see the Government, working with industry, commit as soon as possible to creating a freight transport decarbonisation road map. This should be aligned with the hierarchy advocated by the RHA to eliminate, minimise and offset.

Read the RHA’s take in full HERE

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