See some of the articles orchestrated by FairFuelUK to show the absurdity of a fuel duty hike, that we’ve heard that Dominic Cummings is pushing Boris Johnson to make Rishi Sunak put at the front of his March 2020 Budget

Quentin Willson’s Sun Article
The Times
The Sun
Daily Telegraph
The Guardian
Daily Mail


  1. If this planned duty rise takes effect it will only be the first of many .
    Do this at your peril Boris because I’ve faithfully voted for you and the Conservatives since Labour were last in power but you won’t get my vote again

  2. I hope so the fuel duty won’t go up. Fairfueluk thanks to you it hasn’t. Iam hoping for another miracle but i doubt they’ll keep the promises the so called politicans.

  3. Absolutely appalling if any increase goes through. There should be a reduction if anything. Motorists are such an easy target. No access to public transport other than to drive and pay for parking to then catch a bus! Absolutely diabolical. Train service again have to drive then park then pay a small fortune for train ticket. Get public transport sorted for all UK before hammering motorists. We don’t all live in the centre of towns.

  4. I believed Boris would support UK car drivers after his comments on the high outlandish taxes we pay on fuel. If there is a rise on fuel revenue, then he is a hypocrite of the highest calibre. Also, this carbon issue is getting far too out of hand. Listening to a minority is absolutely ridiculous. I feel like I’m walking around with several knives in my back after being betrayed.

  5. this is not the answer, you don’t bleed people dry, fuel up
    = food prices up, its a vicous circle, people can’t afford to go out = business’s colapse :(, end of the high street, can’t go to out of town supermarkets / venues etc etc !

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