Here’s how can tell them! Please take part in the Drivers Ultimate Survey July 2020

Please take part in probably the most important Road User’s Survey ever carried out, in this volatile world of polarised opinion, health scares and anti driver media reporting. A survey that you’d thought the RAC or the AA should issue. 

Any coverage in the media on motoring and driving issues has fallen almost to zero, except when drivers are designated the demons in the plethora of environmental stories.

It seems only the not for profit motoring groups, the ABD and FairFuelUK are willing to put their heads above the parapet and stand up for drivers. 

It really is time your opinions are aired and heard.  UK’s 37m drivers must be included in any changes the Government and local authorities’ decides for our future road transport strategy. Your comments and responses in this survey will help us get a seat at the table. 

The results from this survey are already in demand from several national journalists because of the lobbying pressure from FairFuelUK, and will be pushed out to ALL the nation’s decision makers, MPs, Ministers, and the rest of the media. 

AND please be absolutely assured, none of your personal identification details you enter into the survey will be revealed to any third party.

We have made this survey easy to complete, using simple tick box choices, with a button for low vision enhancement, if required and according to SurveyGizmo’s survey test, this poll is highly accessible and easy to complete. Here is their quality assessment of the survey.

You can even save the survey at any stage in its completion and return anytime to continue as it suits you. Please take part and complete the whole survey. It will take just 10 to 15 minutes. Enjoy the experience and add your comments throughout the poll. They are very welcome too and need to be heard.

Thank you for your help in completing this survey, we so need your opinions and views to deliver a balanced fair message from the world’s highest taxed drivers to our Government. They will make an impact, we promise.

Howard Cox
Founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign

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  1. This Campaign is excellent and obviously very popular, but what can be done about the Smart Motorway situation?
    It seems that our somewhat overcrowded motorways are being turned into death traps for those unfortunate enough to break down.
    I have made my views known to my MP.

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