As we approach the first Budget from an unfettered Conservative Government, will Rishi Sunak be bullied to add to its 5th largest revenue stream? Rumours abound, that number 11’s £40bn+ cash cow may be engorged with an unanticipated and completely unwarranted 2p fuel duty hike.

Boris Johnson’s pre-election promise to the Sun and FairFuelUK, that Fuel Duty will not be raised looks to have been scuppered by the unelected Dominic Cummings. A spectre that unpredictably grows darker each day over Boris’s promising sovereignty.

When Quentin Willson and myself interviewed Boris Johnson in 2016 at his Vote Leave HQ, our current PM said and I paraphrase from our video: ‘UK pump prices are wildly overpriced compared to EU countries….there have been proposals to cut VAT on fuel to give the motorist a break. The scandal is that you can’t do that because of EU rules.’

Amazingly Boris’s wildly overpriced pump prices at the time were just 112p per litre. Average prices for petrol and diesel today are now 126p and 129p per litre, respectively. And we hear Dominic Cummings wants to increase it further??


  1. People need there vehicles to get about we pay enough in road tax and other charges that you have brought in

  2. In areas where public transport is terrible a car is neccessry to get to work ,people who live in London where transport links are good just don’t realise how difficult it is to get from A–B in other areas in the country .its ok to say use public transport if there is some

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