And let it not go unnoticed, other successful economies do not tax the motorist so heavily. Germany is 14th in the EU for taxing petrol drivers and 18th for diesel users, that’s over 10% lower than the UK. Spain is 23rd for both fuels and 12% lower than the UK. Virtually all countries tax diesel less than petrol too. So, any virtue signalling green tax hike on diesel does not hold water. EU countries see clean Euro 6 diesel as the commercial heartbeat of their economies and so tax it less. The UK should do the same, especially as we are nearly free of the EU fiscal shackles.

Fuel Tax Take in the EU


  1. He’s not done much of anything yet for anybody. I’m not very hopeful. All talk no action.

  2. We have trusted the Tories. Please Boris, don’t let us down. Please don’t let us continue to have the highest fuel tax in the world. Cut the duty. Stop the VAT on the duty as this is a tax on a tax. Make the UK the power house that it could be. Please!

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