The world’s highest taxed, most demonised drivers continue to get exploited by greedy unchecked fuel supply chain. Wholesale falls are held back by selfish businesses. The chronic trend goes unmonitored by the Government. Time for the Government to introduce PumpWatch.

  • Wholesale diesel since 30/12/19 down 7% yet pump prices down just 2% (Retail profit up 59%)
  • Wholesale petrol since 30/12/19 down 4% yet pump prices down just 1% (Retail profit up 25%)
  • Oil in £ since 30/12/19 down 14%
  • In the last 8 weeks £334m of wholesale falls have not been passed onto drivers. That’s nearly £6m per day.
  • Retailer profit for diesel up 59% since 30/12/19 and Petrol margin up 25%

Howard Cox, Founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign said: “If it were not for Supermarkets, notably ASDA reducing pump prices following a 14% drop in the price of oil, the unchecked independents and greedy fuel supply chain businesses would be fleecing hard-pressed motorists even more. The world’s highest taxed drivers never ever see fair and honestly set prices on the pumps. Every day £6m of wholesale falls are being deliberately held back from motorists.”

Howard Cox, Founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign said: “How can the Government condone an essential resource being sold at radically different prices, just miles apart. Gas, electricity, water and telecoms are regulated, so why not petrol and diesel? The perennial unchecked fuel supply chain selfishly rides roughshod over the world’s highest taxed drivers, knowing they will never be policed. In July 2019 Boris’s Treasury promised FairFuelUK to consider introducing PumpWatch, an independent fuel pricing watchdog initiative. Such a consumer protection body would stop the customary ripping-off, of motorists every time they fill up at the pumps”

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